Four ways to market your photography business

Most people have their smartphones with them to take pictures wherever they want. So marketing your photography services can be quite difficult as most people don’t count it as necessary.

To get success in your photography job, you must be able to market to customers both personally and professionally to get them to buy your service.

In this blog post, I would outline four ways to market your photography business.

  1. Volunteer to photograph an event. Volunteering to photograph an event will get people to notice you quickly. Don’t just volunteer to photograph an event, give your conditions to the event organizers and let them know that you want to gain new clients.

Your conditions might be them allowing you to have a display set up at the event and promoting you on social media before and after the event; the conditions are solely up to you. Volunteering is an excellent marketing strategy which can bring you lots of clients.

  1. Use social media. Am not joking when I say that “an average person spends almost 10 hours a day on social media.” so you can use social media to your advantage. Gaining traction on social media is not an easy thing, but once you do, you would have succeeded in making potential customers (that is if you are targeting the right audience).
  1. Create a website and Start a blog. When you have a website for your photography business, people starts to see you differently, they start to see you as a professional in your line of field. You can post different stories pertaining to your course of work on your blog. For instance, if you just shot some wedding photos, you can post about it and publish it on your blog.

Don’t just stop because you have a beautiful blog, work on the blog. Having a lovely blog doesn’t mean people will see it, but working on the blog will make people see it. Use SEO to your advantage. Using SEO will drive traffic to your blog, and of course, you could get potential customers from the massive traffic on your blog.

  1. Need to do some mouth work. One of the biggest ways to market your skill is by allowing your clients market for you. Customers trust customers. You must ensure that your clients refer you to other people; you can do that by offering your customers discount or maybe free shoot.